October 17, 2017

Dr. Carlos Campo, President of Ashland University Synopsis: “Ability grouping” and “tracking” in schools have long been used as tools to help teachers tailor their content and curriculum plans based on perceived mental ability or subject-matter precocity. Unfortunately, far too often, rather than accelerating learning achievement, these practices perpetuate educational inequality by trapping marginalized and minority students in lower-level groups. Every American student deserves the opportunity to attend a four-year university, and it should be their choice — not a school administrator’s — if they pursue alternative educational paths such as the trades... Read more

August 31, 2017

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez reflects on Hurricane Harvey’s landfall just as students were ready to being a new school year. How can we be prepared for the storms of life? How can we prepare to aid others during the turbulence of unexpected disasters? As churches celebrate Education Sunday during September, Rev. Rodriguez reminds us that education is one of the ways God goes before us to prepare a way. “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he... Read more

July 19, 2017

We are living through the most poisonous political atmosphere most, if not all of us, can remember. After the GOP baseball practice shooting in Alexandria, VA, we are presented with a bittersweet opportunity to change course as a nation.    Read entire post here: English: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/politics-as-a-blood-sport Spanish: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/la-politica-un-deporte-de-sangre Read more

March 29, 2017

In an exclusive Q&A with David Coleman, President and CEO of the College Board and one of the most influential voices in all of education, we explore how his organization is reaching out to help hispanic and other minority students and families succeed as they strive toward college.    English: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/a-q-a-with-david-coleman-president-and-ceo-of-the-college-board   Spanish Version: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/entrevista-con-david-coleman-presidente-y-director-ejecutivo-del-college-board  Read more

March 17, 2017

In a Q&A with David Park of Learning Heroes, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez explores the challenges and opportunities facing Latinos and other minority students including the often large gap between a parent’s perception of their child’s educational performance vs the reality, the importance of annual state testing, as well as practical tools parents can access to ensure their child is performing at or above grade level  – because as David Park points out, the data indicates that parents are the key... Read more

March 1, 2017

President Trump has renewed the call for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Much has happened since the last concerted effort to pass CIR was attempted in 2013. What does this expression even mean in Trump’s America and what must be included in any serious legislation?  Español, aqui: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/que-significa-la-reforma-migratoria-integral-de-donald-trump English version : http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/what-does-comprehensive-immigration-reform-mean-in-trumps-america Read more

February 22, 2017

In a week marked by massive protests in response to reports of ICE raids across the nation, how can Hispanic Americans be truly effective in pushing the debate forward and ensure our politicians keep all law abiding immigrant families in tact.   Spanish: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/las-medidas-migratorias-van-a-tomar-mas-que-una-protesta-hay-que-ponerse-un-traje-y-una-corbata English: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/its-going-to-take-more-than-protesting-get-a-suit-and-tie Read more

February 14, 2017

It’s a horrifying reality, but religious persecution and discrimination is on the rise around the world. Now, more than ever before, it’s imperative that America remain a model of religious tolerance and freedom – for people of all faiths – as we set the pace for the rest of the world to follow.  English: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/why-religious-freedom-is-the-number-one-human-rights-issue-of-our-time Spanish: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/la-libertad-religiosa-el-tema-mas-importante-de-los-derechos-humanos-en-nuestro-tiempo Read more

February 9, 2017

The senate confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education was more contentious than any nominee in memory. Senators were divided over her qualifications and education philosophy, and Vice President Pence stepped in cast the deciding vote on Tuesday. The public focus on education and Ms. DeVos created a stir among Evangelicals as well.  Dr. Andrea Ramirez, who leads the Faith and Education Coalition – NHCLC, was asked to comment on the state of public education and how faith communities can support high... Read more

February 9, 2017

The Hispanic community continues to represent a growing percentage of the US population, and yet our test scores remain well below that of white students. As such, Hispanic Students represent the single greatest untapped opportunity in America today and they must become our top priority.  English: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/opinion/hispanic-students-the-key-to-americas-future Spanish: http://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/estudiantes-hispanos-la-clave-para-el-futuro-de-estados-unidos Read more

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