1 Chronicles 7: Mourning, Comfort, Hope

1 Chronicles 7: Mourning, Comfort, Hope May 2, 2013

Ezer and Elead were killed by the native-born men of Gath, when they went down to seize their livestock. 22 Their father Ephraim mourned for them many days, and his relatives came to comfort him. 23 Then he made love to his wife again, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. He named him Beriah, because there had been misfortune in his family. -1 Chronicles 7:21-23

Kids are a treasure. When a child dies, a piece of the parents die as well. Ephraim experienced this heartache, yet this was not the end of the story.

He mourned, he was comforted by family, and he was blessed with another son. His tragedy was real, yet so was his hope.

When others mourn, there is ideally a time to mourn, friends to comfort, and a future hope. We seem to often be in one of these three positions in life. We are either the one mourning, the one helping another in pain, or living in future hope. Of course, these times often overlap as well.

What encourages me today is not pain or comforting or future hope but that God is ever present throughout all the emotions and events of life. There is no moment when he is not there or does not care. He is there, ready to provide for our every need.

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