2 Chronicles 30: He Will Not Turn His Face

2 Chronicles 30: He Will Not Turn His Face July 15, 2013

The Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him. -2 Chronicles 30:9

We are often called in Scripture to return to the Lord. Why? This verse offers three key reasons.

First, we are to return to the Lord because he is gracious. His grace is sufficient to forgive our every sin, flaw, problem, addiction, and omission.

Second, we are to return because of God’s compassion. He not only can bless us when we return to him, he desires to do so.

Third, we are told he will not turn his face from us if we return to him. What was true of Israel in this case is true of us today. God’s grace and compassion will lead to him paying attention to us when we return to him. He longs for us to live for him.

If you have run from the Lord, there is time to turn around and run back to him. When you do, you will find him waiting with open arms of love.

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