Monday Memories: Get On The Bus

Monday Memories: Get On The Bus January 14, 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot about character lately.  So for this week’s Monday Memories re-post, I thought I’d pull out a post from our first year of homeschool.  It recalls a night when I was reminded what homeschooling is really about for us.

 Originally posted May, 2011: Get On The Bus

We just finished watching the PBS American Experience episode, Freedom Riders. Ezra fell asleep around ten fifteen, but he was riveted until he could no longer keep his eyes open. Zach made it all the way ’till eleven, shaking his head in disbelief the whole time.

As I watched, all of my anxiety about recent diagnoses for the boys just melted away. I looked over them, curled up with pillow pets and blankies, and knew with absolute clarity that what mattered most is whether they become courageous and loving and righteous. I always know that. But the idols I have made out of test scores and degree attainment often cloud my vision.

At one point, I looked over and asked Zach if he thought he could board the bus knowing that he might be beaten or killed. “Maybe,” he answered after giving it some thought. “They were brave.”

Then he leaned over and threw his arms around me and told me he loved me. I spent the rest of the night praying I would be worthy of that love – in part by raising men who would get on the bus.

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