Is God Running Late? [Video]

Is God Running Late? [Video] July 18, 2013

Ever feel dreams lagging behind or wonder why those promised blessings haven’t shown up at your door yet? Are you wondering if God is still there, or if He’s running late?

Is god running late? My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me. Psalms 31:15In this video podcast of I Believe, I talk about reasons for divine delays, why God sometimes delays, and how to hold onto His promises for us; three promises, three perspectives for waiting on God await you in this cast. Please join me, and share your thoughts with me. How have you seen His promises fulfilled in your life?

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Hopefully, we can come to trust God more and more in the labyrinth of life; a significant part of that is becoming at peace with His timing. He doesn’t run a second behind, and the promised blessings will always come. But it hasn’t always been easy. It takes a kind of faith and remembering of how knowing, how loving, how perfect He is in His plans and timing for us. It’s easy to be like Uzzah–step in and try to steady the ark of our lives–make it happen. (See 2 Samuel 6). But such impetuous moments only cause us to lose our ground, waste time, or cause a mess from which God must extricate us–and from which He typically will graciously do.

Listen in and join a sometimes-impatient woman learning to become more patient in Christ, as we talk about God’s reasons for divine delays, and how to navigate those together. I’d love to hear from you!

Scripture Verse: New Testament: “My times are in your hands” (Psalms 31:1).

Faith Quote: “He may delay because it would not be safe to give us at once what we ask: we are not ready for it. To give ere we could truly receive, would be to destroy the very heart and hope of prayer, to cease to be our Father. The delay itself may work to bring us nearer to our help, to increase the desire, perfect the prayer, and ripen the receptive condition.” George Macdonald.

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