5 Steps to a Focused, Creative, and Benevolent Brain

5 Steps to a Focused, Creative, and Benevolent Brain December 7, 2016
Brain Education - refreshes and revitalizes the brain
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On this blog, I have often mentioned a training method I created called Brain Education. Since I reference it so often, I thought it was about time to explain it in more detail. In this post, I will provide an overview of what Brain Education is all about, and in subsequent posts, I will give more detail about each step of the method.

Basically, Brain Education is the result of many years of working with individuals, studying various energy training and healing practices, and researching scientific discoveries about the brain. Although its greatest inspiration comes from the ancient energy principles of my native Korea, it also contains a blend of other Eastern and Western approaches to well-being.

Train Your Brain from the Inside Out

The principles that form the foundation of Brain Education first came to me through my studies of martial arts and Asian medicine when I was young, long before I could have imagined my life would go in the direction it did. These principles include the traditional Eastern concept of ki energy (also known as chi, qi, or chi), along with elements drawn from Eastern philosophy and meditative practices. Many of these principles and practices have existed and have been refined for thousands of years, but in Brain Education, they have been adapted for people living in our modern, technological society. In addition, I have developed many training methods based on my own deep study of how energy works in the universe and in the human body, which is knowledge I have pursued for more than forty years.

Brain Education consists of five distinct and progressive steps: Sensitizing, Versatilizing, Refreshing, Integrating, and Mastering. Each stage is intended to stimulate each of the three main layers of the brain—neo-cortex, limbic system, and brainstem—maximizing their individual potential, while also reintegrating their disparate functions. Brain Education addresses all three aspects of the human being—mind, body, and spirit. Over time, dedicated practice of the steps enables ordinary people to transform themselves from the inside out as they become filled with positive energy, adopt harmonious ethics, and learn to lead fulfilling lives. With Brain Education’s five steps, you train your brain to become focused, creative, and benevolent.

The Five Steps to Your Power Brain at a Glance

In my next five blog posts, I will explain each step in detail. Here is an overview of each step:

Sensitizing heightens the body’s five senses, the conduit through which we receive information from the outside world. Practitioners also become more aware of the effect of their mind on their well-being, which allows them to control and reduce the stress they experience in their lives. Exercises include yoga-like stretching, energy awareness, and deep relaxation.

Versatilizing increases the brain’s flexibility and maximizes the efficiency of the neo-cortex’s conscious cognitive processes. Learning ability is enhanced and accentuated during this step through brain flexibility games and coordination exercises.

Refreshing frees practitioners of debilitating emotional memories that are embedded in the limbic system. Since stored emotions like these often impede the individual’s growth and personal development, getting rid of this kind of emotional baggage is critical. Exercises include meditation, visualization, and the development of emotional intelligence.

Integrating helps people coordinate disparate and seemingly conflicting brain functions. Practitioners reexamine and renew their personal sense of identity while they correct undesirable habits and develop positive, life-affirming habits.

Mastering encourages practitioners to use their full brain potential as they go through their daily lives. They reach for their highest goals and actively seek to improve the human condition for themselves and others.

Join Me on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Brain Education attempts to address all aspects of the human experience, and it seeks to create health, happiness, and peace within every individual. Some elements address the physical body, while others are more spiritual in nature. Unlike most other educational systems, the kind of learning it promotes is largely experiential, rather than factual. So, as I explain each step in more detail in these next five blog posts, I will provide easy-to-follow exercises that you can do at home, along with philosophical explanation of Brain Education principles. I encourage you to come along with me on this journey of self-discovery and self-development.

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