Use the Power of Energy to Change Your Life

Use the Power of Energy to Change Your Life November 28, 2018

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In my list of the seven most powerful tools for developing a Power Brain, energy is number three on the list. Because it is an unfamiliar concept to some in the Western world, it might at first seem esoteric or fanciful, but in fact it is a common sense part of everyday life. Most people just fail to realize how much power they have and how easy it is to sense and direct energy.

Everything Is Energy

First, it is important to realize that energy is everywhere and everything is constantly communicating through energy; there is nothing unusual or magical about it. The computer you are looking at right now, for example, is all energy. Most obviously, the digital images on the screen are being created through the use of electric energy. But, even if the computer were turned off, there would still be a constant dance of energy in the atoms that make up the plastic and metal parts of the computer housing and motherboard. When anything in this world appears solid, liquid, or gaseous, that appearance is guided by the bonds between atoms, which are all a matter of energetic bonds.

Likewise, nothing in the human world happens without energy. If you want to open a store, for example, it starts with the mental energy of an idea, and then the energy of effort makes that dream become reality. As long as sufficient energy circulation continues through the energies of owner, workers, and customers, the store can thrive. If not, it fails.

Energy, the Language of the Brain

Energy is how the neurons in the brain communicate with each other and one way they send signals to the rest of the body. The more particular neurons communicate through chemical-electrical signals, the stronger the connections between them become. This can be done purely with imagination. You can develop your brain with your imagination.

Professional athletes have used this for years. They improve their performance simply by imagining better athletic movements. Likewise, one study found that young piano students were able to learn their pieces without the use of an actual piano. Instead, they only used their imagination, and they did practically as well as the students who practiced on an instrument. In a similar way, you can change the structure of your own brain.

An essential principle of energy states, “Where the mind goes, energy follows.” So, through directed thought or imagination, you can learn to direct energy in your life to create the mind and the life that you want. Whether you have a big vision, like a desire to create peace on the planet, or a small dream, such as a need to change a habit, it all starts with using your imagination to picture the change you want.

The ability to sense energy could be seen as a human’s sixth sense. However, this sense is often suppressed in the modern world, so we have to spend time developing it. When you have developed your sixth sense fully, you will begin to sense energy everywhere and will understand its nature in many situations. But to begin, just focus on feeling energy in your hands, and the let it expand from there. Here is Jigam exercise, a great way to begin feeling energy:

Jigam, a Simple Energy Meditation

  1. Sit on a chair or in half lotus position and straighten your back.
  2. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up and close your eyes. Relax your body, especially your neck and shoulders. Relax your mind. Inhale deeply, and let go of any remaining tension while exhaling (soft meditative music in the background may be helpful).
  3. Raise your hands slowly to chest level, with your palms facing each other. Concentrate on any sensation you may feel between your palms. At first, you may feel warmth in your hands, but you may soon feel your own pulse.
  4. Now, put about two to four inches of space in between your hands and concentrate fully on the space. Imagine that your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands are floating in a vacuum, weightless.
  5. Pull your hands apart and push them closer in again as you maintain your concentration. You might feel a tingling sensation of electricity, a magnetic attraction pulling your hands toward each other or pushing your hands apart. You might even feel as if you are holding a soft cotton ball between your hands, or moving slowly through warm water. All these feelings are a manifestation of your energy flow.
  6. When the sensation becomes more real, pull your hands farther apart or push them closer together. The sensation will not go away but will expand and become stronger.
  7. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply three times.
  8. Rub your hands together briskly until warm, and gently caress your eyes, face, neck, and chest.

This video takes you through an entire Jigam session with guided instruction.

If you cannot easily feel the energy, it may be because you are tense or have too many other thoughts in your head. You will be able to feel the energy when you are totally relaxed and you concentrate fully on your hands. Consider stretching and breathing before beginning your session. Relaxed concentration is the key to feeling energy, and the key to making real change in your life.

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