Discipline within you

Discipline within you November 27, 2013

Your thoughts control your actions. By exercising that control and taking responsibility for it, you can truly do great things. By understanding how valuable that control is, by realizing the real opportunity you have, every minute of every day, to create an outstanding life for yourself, you’re able to tap into the discipline that is already yours.

By always keeping in mind that you have the power to control yourself and to determine the results you get, and by reminding yourself how much power you have to influence the quality of your life and the quality of your world, you’re able to access all the discipline you could ever use.

Discipline will enable you to make the choices, not just the big, important-sounding choices, but all the little choices that there are so very many of, that have such great influence over every aspect of your life. Those little choices are where the discipline really matters. Yes, the big choices are important. But the little choices have enormous influence because there are so many of them. They add together and build on one another to create the life that you choose through the making of those choices.

To be effective, successful, and fulfilled, requires that the small choices be made as intelligently and as thoughtfully as the big choices. That is the power of discipline, and that power is yours. It’s not something you have to develop. It’s something you are able to use whenever you choose.

Do you want a beautiful, outstanding, fulfilling, wonderful, joyful life? Then choose to move yourself in the direction of that life. Choose in every moment, with every action, day in, day out, minute by minute. You know what you need to do. You know what will bring you the life of your dreams. All you have to do is do it. All you have to do is take those wonderful, effective, purposeful, intentional actions and you’ll get there. You have discipline. You have just as much discipline as the most accomplished person who has ever lived. You have that same discipline within you. Choose to use it.

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