The English Major Diet: Valentine’s Day Edition

The English Major Diet: Valentine’s Day Edition February 14, 2012

Like many of you, I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. I’m all for telling our loved ones that they are…well, loved. But needing a special day to do it is kind of like needing New Year’s to make a resolution. Mostly, the whole day is a commercialized fiasco that wastes a bunch of paper, feeds kids too much sugar, and makes single people feel like they are missing something. All the while, real and lasting love dissolves into Hallmark processed cheese, and all the sparkly princess garbage that I hate. I think my neighborhood grocery store said it best with this display…

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  • Erin, I LOVE this sieres you are doing on the English Major’s diet! It is so spiritual and whole person related and it speaks to me.
    A thought I had aobut Valentines day that I wanted to share with you…Last year I got a board book for Abbie about the story of St. Valentine, and I was reminded that the reason he is the saint of eros love is because he married young couples in secret when the Roman Emperor had outlawed marriage for all young men so that they could be soldiers in the Roman Army. As the board book version of the story continues, the children were sad that Valentine had been imprisoned, so they sent him cards. His sainthood was based on a blind girl who visited him in prison and after his prayer for her she was able to see. After the girl was able to see, Valentine sent her a card and signed it, “From Your Valentine.” While I am sure you are well read enough to know this story, I share it because it got me thinking about a saint who married people who were in love when it was against the law. And while I know the Catholic church would not appreciate a woman in ministry suggesting that a Catholic Saint be associated with marriage for homosexuals, it is where my thoughts went. And on this Valentine’s day because of your blog, I think I will pray for a day when all couples who are in love can openly and legally be married and have their marriages blessed by God and by the church.
    I agree with you about all the commercialism and the rediculiousness of needing a special day to honor the one that we love, not to mention how it makes us feel, in a relationship or not, but thanks for the opportunity to think about all of this. And now, maybe I should share in my own blog… 🙂

    • amen, and amen, liz. i didn’t know you blogged! thanks for the link.

  • Bridget

    Just now catching up. (But, since your blogs always go to my email now, I can read them in batch!)
    Two thoughts:
    1.) Your mother always says one of your traits is that as soon as you get a visitor, you immediately start planning the menu. Love it.
    2.) I think I’ve had about every one of these desserts mentioned above. And if I haven’t, I’ve heard you wax nostalgic many-a-time. Church lady _anything_ is always the best ever. But since I’m fresh out of church lady desserts, I’m pretty sure there’s some Chocolate Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Graeter’s downstairs in the freezer that I suddenly find calling my name…….