10 Meaningful Ways to Start Your Kids’ School Day

10 Meaningful Ways to Start Your Kids’ School Day August 24, 2016

2. Be a good listener today. Along the same lines, this started as a specific instruction in Preschool to “please stop playing and pay attention when you are being given instructions.” But  being a good listener is a lifelong skill that adds up to academic and vocational success, healthy relationships, and even personal safety. Wouldn’t it cure all manner of social and spiritual ills if we were all better listeners?

3. Be kind. For when you’re REALLY cutting it close to get out the door on time. This one goes a long way.

4. Try something new today. Whether it’s a new, funny-looking thing in the cafeteria, a new scary kind of math, or a new trick on the monkey bars… Taking risks within the boundaries of that which is safe and school-appropriate will lead our kids to be adults with adventurous spirits. And adults with adventurous spirits solve the world’s problems–not to mention, go all the fun places.

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