Career Obsessed Banshees with Snake-Filled Heads: Why Courtland Sykes Is No Joke

Career Obsessed Banshees with Snake-Filled Heads: Why Courtland Sykes Is No Joke January 26, 2018

Career-obsessed banshees. She-devils who shriek from the tops of tall buildings. Mean-spirited radical feminists. Women with snake-filled heads…

Present! Yes, we are all here, present and accounted for, and ready to troll this super manly bro’s bro–whose name is COURTLAND, whateverTF that means–until he runs home to all the women who, apparently, want nothing more in life than to have his dinner on the table at 6pm. Sharp.

In case you are behind, Courtland Sykes is making a run for Claire McCaskill’s Missouri Senate Seat (McCaskill, btw, is one of my favorite she-devils). His anti-woman rant from last year is making the rounds on the newsfeed right now. Go ahead, read up. We’ll wait…

He even just kind of LOOKS like a Courtland, doesn't he? A soap opera star who missed his true calling.
He even just kind of LOOKS like a Courtland, doesn’t he? A soap opera star who missed his true calling.

His bottom line is that OF COURSE women should have rights… as long as he ultimately gets to decide what those rights are. It’s all very Handmaid’s Tale, and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so terrifying.

And about 2 years ago, it WOULD have been a joke. We would read the angry, woman-hating ravings of a man like this and write him off as a nutcase with NO CHANCE at public office. “He’ll get trounced in the primaries,” we’d say. Or at the very least “The national GOP will never support him.”

And now…well now, we know that isn’t true. We know that a full half of the country thinks it’s just fine to talk about women like this; and we know that the GOP has no problem supporting a known sexual predator (or 2) for leadership on the national stage. So this guy could be a real thing, is what I’m saying. And we’re not having it.

So good folks of Missouri, be prepared to canvas and phone bank and do what you’ve got to do to keep Sen. McCaskill in her position of she-devil authority. Everyone else–get busy doing something else. Run for office, support women who run for office, counter the narrative that successful women have to “forego the joys of family life.” Reject an assumption that men like Courtland are entitled to their “opinions.” Because his words are far more than opinion–they are a dangerous glimpse into a widely held assumption that women were made for submission; and furthermore, that a successful society depends upon that submission. That worldview is toxic. It is dangerous. And it runs deep.

With Trump in the White House, more guys like Courtland (I say his name a lot because it is just so ridiculous) are feeling empowered to just come right out and say what they really think about a woman’s place. America has shown them that you can be a blatant misogynist asshole and still get whateverTF you want. He may win anyway, but until then… we banshees are going to shriek him out of town. Go find your tall building and get to work.

Oh, and meanwhile? Somebody find his fiance and tell her…girl, just no. You can do better. There is nothing wrong with cooking for a man, if that’s your thing. But let’s find you one who isn’t such an absolute caveman. With a ridiculous name.

You can pre-order my book, “Resist and Persist: Faith and the Fight for Equality,” releasing in April from WJK Press.

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