The Whole World in One Child

The Whole World in One Child December 12, 2013

Christmas celebrates the way God took a global size problem and began solving it with one small child.

3546964112_4f2d010557_bWhen we see giant size problems, a lot of us have the same reaction––freeze up, wonder what we should do, and ultimately do very little. Over at Jason Johnson’s blog, he helps us do something about that.

He has written a post called “Making Orphan Care Small.” Here is an excerpt––

Do for one child what you wish you could do for all children. Love one child as if you were loving them all. If nothing else, whether it’s through fostering, adopting, mentoring or simply advocating for kids who cannot advocate for themselves, we have the privilege and the responsibility of ensuring that at least one child lives with the comfort and security of knowing that in the end, everything is going to be okay.

Perhaps the smaller we make orphan care, the bigger the impact we can actually make.

Last Christmas, I talked about the fact that Joseph adopted Jesus. I asked this question, “If Joseph Were Chinese, Would He Have Adopted Jesus?” Social, familial, and financial stresses pressed against him when he had to make the decision to embrace Jesus as his son.

True to Jason’s post, Joseph did in small measure for Jesus what God wanted to do for the all his children. Through Joseph’s care for one child, God literally changed the world.

Check out his post and make a plan. How will you make a child’s Christmas life merry?


Photo Credit: Flickr/Jam Smooth

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