Free book — Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

Free book — Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church February 12, 2014


Logos is giving away a helpful little book all about biblical theology!

BiblicalTheologyintheLifeofthechurchI have found many people are unfamiliar with biblical theology (as distinct from systematic theology). This is a helpful place to start.

Michael Lawrence, who previously served at Capital Hill Baptist Church, does a good job introducing the relevant topics and spurring the reader to consider the relevance of biblical theology for the local church. It’s apart of the 9Marks series, published by Crossway.

Here is the table of contents:

Section One: The Tools That Are Needed

  • Exegetical Tools: Grammatical-Historical Method
  • Biblical Theology Tools 1: Covenants, Epochs, and Canon
  • Biblical Theology Tools 2: Prophecy, Typology, and Continuity
  • Biblical and Systematic Theology: Do We Really Need Both?
  • Systematic Theology Tools: How and Why to Think Theologically

Section Two: The Stories to Be Told

  • The Story of Creation
  • The Story of the Fall
  • The Story of Love
  • The Story of Sacrifice
  • The Story of Promise

Section Three: Putting It Together for the Church

  • Preaching and Teaching (Case Studies)
  • Biblical Theology and the Local Church

For an overview and look inside the book, check out the Logos page.


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