How Christ saves God’s face . . . and ours (new article)

How Christ saves God’s face . . . and ours (new article) November 3, 2016

I’ll excited to let you know that Missiology published my newest article this month and it appears they’ve it available for free (for now). I’m thankful for allowing people access to it.

Here is the abstract:

Honor and shame are critical aspects of a biblical soteriology. In order to demonstrate the point, this article surveys three key doctrines—sin, atonement, and justification by faith. Shame is a subjective and objective reality. It is both the consequence and defining feature of sin. Within the context of a collectivistic covenant relationship, Christ pays the honor-debt owed by those who give their loyalty to him. In so doing, Christ not only glorifies his people; more importantly, he saves God’s face.

The article both summarizes and updates key ideas from Saving God’s FaceMany people ask me to write something that puts those ideas in concise form. Well, here you go. I hope you find it helpful.

Since Missiology had made it available for non-subscribers, pass the article along to others. Perhaps it will spur helpful dialogue among people in your church and on your teams.


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