If only the church were like a gang….

If only the church were like a gang…. July 5, 2017
Flickr/Chris Yarzab
Flickr/Chris Yarzab

The following is one of the most significant quotes I’ve read in a long while. It comes from Francis Chan’s talk at Facebook last month.

Recalling a sober moment he had while at Cornerstone Church, Chan said he baptized a kid from a gang but that kid later left though he was quite involved in the church.

“One of my friends asked him, ‘Hey, how come you’re not at Cornerstone anymore?’ He said ‘I didn’t understand church. When I was baptized, I thought that was going to be being jumped into the gang where it’s like 24/7 they’re my family, because I didn’t know it was just somewhere we attend on Sundays.”

When Chan heard that, he said it made him sick.

“That makes me so sick that the gangs are a better picture of family than the church of Jesus Christ. I can’t live with that. … We’re going to do something different.”

This is precisely what it’s important to cultivate honor and shame in a collectivist church.


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