Our new podcast is now ready!!

Our new podcast is now ready!! August 25, 2021

Today, we drop the first episodes of Doing Theology. Thinking Mission!

Countless evangelical Christians tend to separate missiology and theology in their thinking. Just read books and articles from these two fields and you’ll see what I mean. In several circles, theology only superficially impacts mission strategy and theory. Ongoing missiological and cultural insights hardly affect how some biblical scholars and theologians interpret the Bible.

This lack of synthesis creates theological blind spots and simplistic mission strategies.

The problem is quite apparent, for example, when you explore questions concerning honor and shame. Many missionaries do not discern the invaluable resource of Scripture for addressing problems of honor and shame as well as contextualizing the gospel in a biblically faithful and culturally meaningful way. Likewise, biblical interpreters often are not always familiar with the range of potential ways that honor and shame affect how cultures operate at a deep level.

So why this podcast?

To paraphrase Ecclesiastes, of the making of many podcasts, there is no end. So why this one?

Well, this podcast isn’t about theology in general nor missions in general. Rather, it addresses theological and missiological issues with a perspective that integrates theology and missiology.

By bringing these subjects into a closer conversation, theologians and ministry practitioners are equipped to reflect on matters in ways that are biblically faithful and culturally meaningful.

I have the pleasure of co-hosting this podcast with two amazing people. Werner Mischke is Mission ONE’s Vice President and author of The Global Gospel. Also, I’m joined by Carrie Vaughn, a missionary for almost two decades and author of Redefining Home: Squatty Potties, Split Pants, and Other Things that Divide My World.

The podcast will be produced in seasons.

In Season One, we’ll talk about the gospel, contextualization, honor and shame, women in missions, theological education, among other topics. We’ll chat with Brandon O’Brien, co-author of Misreading Scripture with Eastern Eyes, and Jonathan Worthington, a Vice-President of Training Leaders International. Other guests include an Old Testament theologian and Hebrew grammarian, cross-cultural missionaries, the president of a missions organization, and a church pastor.

With such an eclectic group of guests, we have conversations that are both practical and theological.

To listen, you can go just about anywhere, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, among others.


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