Can Hillary Clinton woo Utah Republicans who hate Trump?

Can Hillary Clinton woo Utah Republicans who hate Trump? August 10, 2016

The story broke this morning, but Hillary Clinton’s op-ed is now live on the Deseret News (Salt Lake City) website.

Americans don’t have to agree on everything. We never have. But when it comes to religion, we strive to be accepting of everyone around us. That’s because we need each other. And we know that it so often takes a village — or a ward — working together to build the change we hope to see.

Clinton wisely name-drops some prominent Mormons and shows evidence of familiarity with LDS history and culture.

To be clear: Mrs. Clinton is not saying anything new here. She remains a pro-choice, big-government liberal with little that will appeal to Utah Republicans.

But on the heels of national news stories and polls about how Utah could be in play because Mormon Republicans are particularly opposed to Trump compared to churchgoing evangelical Protestants, Clinton is wise to at least make a play for Utah’s six electoral votes.

Image credit: Pixabay
Image credit: Pixabay
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