Hillary Clinton’s low-risk, low-cost, low-reward Mormon outreach

Hillary Clinton’s low-risk, low-cost, low-reward Mormon outreach August 23, 2016


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Mrs. Clinton is not changing any of her positions. Utah Republicans are, like Republicans in most places, economically and socially conservative. They may be turned off by Trump’s bombastic personality and outrageous statements, but they are certainly not warm to Clinton’s brand of big-government liberalism.

If she wanted to peel off conservative voters in Utah (or anywhere else), she would have to do more than attack Trump. She would need to highlight positions that conservatives agree with. These might include “Reform conservative” policies like using the tax code to incentivize labor force participation and child bearing. She could also speak out in defense of the rights of Mormon institutions like Brigham Young University to dissent from LGBT equality on religious grounds. But she is not going to do any of these things.

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