Best of 2019: JCIngle year in review so far

Best of 2019: JCIngle year in review so far July 30, 2019

We’ve gone back through the year so far and compiled the best of the best.  These are the top in their categories in each of the venues that we get involved with online.

Setup video . . .

Best of 2019 so far

These are the best, or the top rated, for the first 6 months of 2019 (January – June).  Call to Action (CTA): We believe that although we do not fully understand the algorithm on any particular network (i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn), we have received a considerable amount of likes and shares, which have propelled us into the year.

Jared Ingle, Evangelical Columnist at Patheos

There are a couple articles with quite a few views since January.

  • Coming in at a close 2nd place, although it was originally posted nearly a year ago on August 10, 2018 . . . Vernell Ingle reflects on the works of C.S. Lewis. To read the article CLICK HERE
  • And the Patheos article with the most pageviews this year, written on May 14th, is . . . Corporate Prayer During Transition.  To read the article CLICK HERE

JCIngle YouTube

We utilize our YouTube channel for a variety of reasons, from the Patheos vlog to family fun.  There are many ways to track performance but we’ll just name a couple.

  • The video with the most watch time (minutes watched) since January is . . . Prophetic: So that the Church can Come to Restoration (with Pastor Daniel H. Wermuth II).

So that the Church can Come to Restoration

  • And now the video with the most views is an unexpected winner.  Crystal makes videos every once in awhile for her work VIPKID.  At times, she’ll sing one of the ditties so the other teachers can learn the song easily.  One of her videos has gone through the roof, and the ironic thing is, she’s not even trying . . . L2-U7 Warm-Up Song – My Feelings.

Warm-Up Song – My Feelings

Crystal’s contact information for VIPKID is on the video.  Let her know if you’re interested.  She has helped others through the application process!

JCIngle Facebook Page

Although we mainly use our Facebook Page as a bulletin board of sorts for everything Ingle, there is one post that deserves honorable mention.

Like the unexpected video by Crystal on YouTube, this was just a tutorial about snowblowing that was really done on a whim.  Jared’s not an expert, but it actually skyrocketed on FB, probably due to the algorithm.  It didn’t do so bad on YouTube either.

45th Parallel: Snow 101

CTA: Likes and Shares vs. trusting the algorithm

What we’re doing, although it may not be high end video production, is still fairly unique.  If you like what you’re seeing, hearing, reading, etc., take time to like and share.

Sometimes the algorithm on a social network can be a little difficult to work with, meaning that our content may not be visible in your news feed, even if we are connected on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.  We don’t always see each other’s posts in our feeds all the time due to the algorithm.  At times a seemingly random post of ours will appear, that may be months old.  Our friend Mark Beasley, an Athletic Director (A.D.) tracks with us pretty well.  He said all of a sudden recently, one of Crystal’s posts came across his feed from a long time ago.  I shared three guest posts from her in March on Patheos, but who knows how a social network algorithm works?  Mark seemed a little disappointed that he didn’t read her work earlier.

If you share, it allows you to see more of our work, not to mention others who may become interested.  For instance, we just cleared a milestone in on our Facebook Page, but we’ve only ran one advertising campaign earlier this year.  We’re primarily building with that community slowly, based on our readership and immediate connections on Facebook.

So . . . any likes and shares are appreciated, because we’re better together!  That may seem obvious, but we don’t talk about it often, and we enjoy what we’re doing.

We don’t completely understand virtual community, but it is a critical value at, and one reason among many why it’s the largest religious site in the world.

We hope we are adding value in these types of online venues.

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