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creative forays | YouTube vlogs and podcasts December 28, 2021

I work primarily with WordPress on Patheos and YouTube to store videos for the vlogs. There are vlog designers who can assist with tutorials on the look of your vlog depending on your blogging platform and video platform.

My particular column was originally noticed by Patheos when I was on another platform. On the other platform, I shared one vlog per week, usually a teaching, sermon, or academic piece. I agreed to a contract with Patheos Evangelical in 2018, to write twice per week.

i. YouTube vlog

Patheos welcomes the use of vlogs as viable articles. Vlogs actually do quite well with search engine optimization (SEO).

the who, the why, and the what in therapy

I maintain a license to provide couple therapy in The State of Michigan under supervision. Because of my extensive eduction for counseling as well, I am able to provide therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. I offer therapy online at this time.

My video explains the brief description. With a vlog, only 300 words are needed to start optimizing SEO. I work primarily with WordPress on Patheos and JCIngle YouTube to store videos for the vlogs. There are vlog designers who can assist with tutorials on the look of your vlog depending on your blogging platform and video platform.

ii. podcast

My main advantage with the podcast is it drives traffic to wherever I like. Whatever link I put in the description often gets more hits. I can trace where people come from, both to Patheos and to YouTube. The podcast generates real traffic.

A second real advantage is the podcast offers another engagement option. In some states it’s illegal to play YouTube while driving. However, someone can easily tune-in to the podcast, even though I may be posting the same content.

I have a free podcast at JCIngle SoundCloud. Three hours are included, arguably one of the highest amounts of free air time. This platform is used by a lot of artists. Just go on SoundCloud and look up some artists. You’ll be surprised who you find there. Their websites might have music players from SoundCloud. This attests to the quality of the platform.

From SoundCloud I share my RSS feed with JCIngle Apple Podcasts and JCIngle Podcast Spotify. Now that’s a little difficult to get.

I don’t do this on other platforms, but I sunset my material on SoundCloud. As the three hours of air-time fill up, I start removing the oldest podcasts, no matter how good they perform. I can always repost them on YouTube, if I haven’t already.

The podcast episodes are free to download. At this particular time, in the last part of 2021, I’m sharing some small episodes called… Theology | Psychology, integration tip

JCIngle Podcast

These integration episodes are well within my wheelhouse. Some of them would jumpstart great dissertations. However, I am sharing to a general audience. Some of these pieces reflect real life dialogues I’ve had in recent months. I believe I’ll transfer them to YouTube eventually, touch them up a little, and use them as vlogs on Patheos.

iii. money

Everything is based on views and residuals.

I am under contract with Patheos Evangelical. This is a very honorable position. Take a look at some of the other authors. Look at their About pages. You may see why I’ve wanted to write with them for quite a few years.

Some of my posts are performing well. You can commit to more views simply by signing up for my email list. Stats show those on the lists, those who receive the content by email, will open more. That’s all it takes. To sign up CLICK HERE

You would have to become something like a NY Times Bestseller to have a runaway hit on YouTube and receive crazy residuals. Otherwise, the process of building a following is slow. For our purposes, YouTube is a staging ground for vlogs and posts on social networks. We’re really not treating YouTube like its own social network. I’m sure we could benefit from doing so.

However, this year the channel grew considerably in Subscribers, to 90. At 100 Subscribers, new YouTube Creator functions become available. Only 10 more subs are needed. You’re welcome to be one of them! Drop in, Subscribe, Click the Bell, Like a few videos. Leave a Comment. I’ll reply to your comments CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered a way to monetize free podcasts. There may be some, but I’m not sure about it. There are membership fees for some podcasts, which boast residuals for a certain amount of listeners.

iv. wrap

I hope this information is interesting, if not helpful. I’ve assisted ministry teams and pastors who want to create a web presence. There are a lot of ways to start from scratch, and even to start for free. I know a few of the basics.

With a very minimal investment, I can also refer you to someone who can launch a website for you and provide some coaching. He already has proven his success over a couple decades.

Have a blessed New Year!
Pastor Jared

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