Ingle Brothers in Action

Ingle Brothers in Action July 8, 2019

Thanks for joining me again this week.  I’ve been trying the YouTube Live function to set up some of my vlogs.  It worked fairly well last week, but this week I’m going to be trying something a little bit different.  There’s a lot that’s happened, especially with my sons, the Ingle Brothers.

There are 3 videos that I’ll be adding to this vlog.  The first 2 are from our General Convention.  It is our Centennial celebration, so we are actually celebrating 100 years as a fellowship as the Pentecostal Church of God (PCG).

Our son Mateo is one of the Interns for the PCG this summer.  He’s on the road with them, going to various youth camps.  He was at the Centennial as well.  So he is featured in two videos that were shown to the entire convention with delegates from all over the world.

Ingle Brothers in Action

Our middle son Cruz celebrated his birthday.  He’s taken over the whole month of July.  We’ve been having little celebrations here and there.  Him and a buddy got together and posted a huge video that was something like Star Wars meets Monty Python.

Then a real exciting thing happened.  Our thirdborn who is 5 years old just dedicated his life to the Lord, and gave his heart to Jesus.  So we are really grateful for that.  It just happened this week.  I’ll share a brief writeup of of that following the videos . . .

Take a few moments to catch up on what the Ingle Brothers have been doing.  This week, we’ll be going down to camp where the 2 older boys are serving as interns.  They’ll be helping a bunch of juniors as they make decisions that are going to affect their lives as well.

This week is just a different type of week.  Look for the Prayer Series again next Monday or Tuesday, but for now these are some things that we are experiencing as a family.

Hope you’re enjoying summer!

Rev. Jared

I had a chance to speak with the cowboy in lights, Tyler Price.

He has taken a couple of my classes at Messenger College.

He said this video has already received over 6,300 views.

Randy Lawrence wrote the lyrics, Courtney Skiles filmed, Tyler sang . . . and our son Mateo tripped.

Centennial Opener

In this video, Mateo lends an ear.

Then he offers some much needed advice to Randy Lawrence, our Youth Ministries Director and President of Messenger.


Elliott Crosby joined us to celebrate Cruz’s birthday.

When they weren’t fishing, Elliott kept Cruz on his toes.

Somehow he convinced Cruz to do a short film that’s somewhere between Monty Python and Star Wars.  I don’t believe there’s an actual genre category for what they’ve done . . .

Our youngest son Eliseo plays a crucial role.


Now for the last story from the Ingle Brothers.  This week I was sitting in our living room while Crystal was putting Eliseo to bed.  She came out of the room and told me that . . .

Eliseo wanted to pray to become a Christian!

He’s been asking quite a few questions lately, and actually offering a few good insights as well.  I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia to him aloud, and I’ve been taking time to explain the allegory.  At times, he offers his take on what we’re reading, from his developing Christian perspective.  Crystal also does countless read alouds with him through homeschool.

So when she came out of the room, I knew he was probably ready.  Our oldest son is still doing his internship, so I went and found Cruz.  I asked him to get his Bible and be ready to read Romans 10.9-10:

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

It’s just a good place to start.  We went into the room, where Crystal was talking with Eliseo about praying.  Cruz read the Scripture and Eliseo understood.

Eliseo was ready to pray, but didn’t want to pray on his own

He asked Crystal to pray, so he could repeat after her.  He invited Jesus into his life, to be his Lord and Savior.

The next day he said, “Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that last night.  Now I have to remember all the things I do wrong for the end of the day to tell God.  I just can’t remember all that.”  He has also said, “I just don’t think God is keeping a close watch on the devil because I’m still disobeying.”

He’s highly self-aware when he disobeys or sins.  I’m sure we’ll be in process with him for a little while helping him understand the riches of Christ’s grace and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, he seems to already be working on the prayer of examen without any coaching.

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