Michigan’s Dilemma | Constitutional Rights vs. Political Winds

Michigan’s Dilemma | Constitutional Rights vs. Political Winds April 15, 2020

Before the season of Lent, I was sharing posts from my daily reads, something I’ve never attempted before.  I usually share academic or formal pieces from the writings I’ve done over the years, with a focus on pneumatology if possible.  As I emerge from the Lenten season with countless other Christians, I’m realizing that quite honestly here in Michigan . . .

The trajectory I hoped to be on at this time has altered

I’m not sure this is the appropriate time for returning to the writings, or for returning to my daily posts that I was attempting before Lent.

Therefore, this piece is simply a compilation of news stories I’ve been tracking in the last couple weeks, and my posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We are facing difficult times to say the least.  Furthermore, we’re facing difficult times that are complicated by the forces of various political winds.  We know that all-to-well in the state of Michigan, as you’ll see later in this article.

A note about a global prayer movement . . .

During this crisis I’ve led our congregation to join a prayer movement known as UNITE714.  For more on this global movement with many recognizable Christian leaders CLICK HERE

If you would like to see the prayers that our congregation is posting twice a day on our Facebook page CLICK HERE

Perhaps I’ll share some of the highlights from our concerted prayer effort in the future.

Now to the news and social media . . .

(organized from oldest at the start, to newest at the end of the article).

1. My brother’s home office

Very seldom does Ryan post anything, but this one deserves honorable mention.  A common prayer now is that families will rediscover family.

2. Dr. McNaughton’s wisdom

I’ve always appreciated the depths of Dr. McNaughton’s understanding.  His simple, almost quiet blurb arrested my attention.

3. Crystal’s Patheos guest post

If you’re one of my regulars, you not only read Crystal’s post, you’ve read other posts by her in the past.  She is someone who is steeped in spiritual formation readings.  She speaks from a quiet place in the interior life.  I’m honored that she took time to give us perspective, not only for America, but from her ESL students in China.

For more of Crystal’s writings CLICK HERE

4. Sweden

5. Martin Luther, Bach, & “A Mighty Fortress”

6. A prophetic word or common sense?

7. The difference in Sweden’s numbers (vs. Switzerland)

8. Now for some Michigan politics . . .

Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing any political affiliation or person.  I’m simply sharing information that I’ve come across in my own queries.  This is not a political piece aimed at any political goal.  I do not have any end game in mind.  I just believe we’re facing some tremendous questions in Michigan at this time.

I’ve been tracking Sweden a little and I think there has to be another path than the one we’re on in Michigan. Sweden’s open approach may be a little extreme for us, but I believe Speaker of the House Chatfield is proposing that there’s a middle ground we’re ignoring thus far, and I agree.

9. Speaker Chatfield prepares a news release

10. Our current Executive Order is too restrictive

11. Tucker Carlson, Gov. Whitmer, Michigan, Sweden, Joe Biden, and the Presidential bid, all in one brief editorial

We’re making National news for all the wrong reasons.

12. Infringing on State and National Constitutional Rights

A closing thought . . .

Now Michiganders are starting to take it to the streets with organized marches and petitions to try to make Gov. Whitmer step down.  Is that even possible?

Every day, there’s something else in the news.  If you’ve taken the time to peruse these materials, please keep us in prayer.

Stay home, Stay safe . . . but please make sure you question whether or not your Constitutional Rights are being infringed upon by the most current political wind in your state.

Peace be unto your house,

Pastor Jared Ingle

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