140th Anniversary | Greetings from Former Pastors

140th Anniversary | Greetings from Former Pastors September 29, 2020

This Sunday, our congregation celebrated our 140th Anniversary.  Since this is quite a feat in our day and age, I’ve decided to do a brief series on the highlights.  This piece shares some greetings from former Pastors.

Although I’ll probably post the video presentation, but if you would like to read a brief Snapshot of our Heritage CLICK HERE

Please check back in for more of our history and the events of the day, including a sermon from Rev. Doug Shoemaker, General Superintendent.

I hope you enjoy these encouraging greetings from Pastors who took time to reminisce and share some wisdom.

Pastor Jared
Long Lake Friends Church
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Traverse City, Michigan 49685

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Greetings from
Pastor Dennis & Rhonda Mote

Greetings Long Lake Friends,

When Long Lake Friends era comes to mind am reminded of season of hearing Godvoice and being led by Him to great adventures in the Kingdom.  Before I ever knew there was a Traverse City, let alone a Long Lake Friends Church Meeting, the Holy Spirit said to me that I would be coming to Traverse City Michigan . . . His voice was so convincing that for months I turned other callings down knowing that a church from Traverse City would seek me out.

From the very first Meeting to the very last . . . the Holy Spirit revealed the future and led in the present.  As our original founder George Fox taught us to practice His presence, I would like to call you as a church to Him . . . Seeking from Him: Our Way, Our Truth, & Our Life

We are living in a dark world where the raging storms are coming upon us exponentially trying to defeat us.  But the Lord Jesus Christ says that we are more than conquerors.  The war that is all around us is so deceptive that only untainted discerned Truth from His mouth will keep us on course.  There are many voices but only One which leads us in the path of righteousness for His name sake.

Jesus said: I call you Friends if you do whatever I command you.

With the Word hid in your Heart and the true voice of the Holy Spirit in your ear rise up Long Lake and be The True Light unto this current dark world

Dennis Mote
2 Corinthians 9:8

Dearest Long Lake Friends Meeting,

May God be heard.
Listen for His voice.
May He give you divine direction for this new decade.

May you have eyes to see and ears to hear Him as He reveals His insight and His wisdom.
God is releasing and leading the church in a new direction for such a day as this.

May Long Lake Friends be in the center of what God is doing in this season

Matthew 6:33


Here are some of our best memories:

We remember the beautiful cool lake and with snow covered pine trees in the winter

Our youths amazing snow sculptures in the church parking lot

We remember watching The Elsies snow shoeing to meetings with smiles on their faces

There were homeless coming out of their boxes and buses to come to church 

The changed lives and testimonials from the AA groups.  I think there were three meeting at the church during the time we were there.

Letters from all over the world arrived just at the right moment to address our personal and church needs

We remember the birth of our first child, Sarah, and her awesome baby sitters; Sharon and Marvin Deemer, making us all feel like family

God gave me two life long friends while I was at Long Lake.  My closest spiritual brothers who flow with Spiritual Wisdom and discernment.  Paul Collins and Jerry Deemer

Oh yes, and we remember the Long Lake FriendsPancake Suppers with delicious home made pies.  Also the great times eating Marge Goods Strawberry Shortcake

Being your Pastor has made me more Christian and into the Man of God that Christ intends for me to become.  Without you I would have fallen short of the goal set for us all.  You did more for me than I ever could have done for you

Sending love and hugs with our prayers for a wonderful 140th Anniversary Celebration

Dennis and Rhonda Mote 

Always remember . . .

Your Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Greetings from
Pastor Keith & Robin Huffman

Hello Friends at Long Lake,

Please convey my congratulations to the church for 140 years of ministry and service in the Traverse City area.  That is quite an awesome accomplishment!

Robin and I want to thank you dear friends for the part you have played in shaping our lives and the lives of our children.  We were blessed to spend 18 years with you, and that is almost half of our years as a married couple!  Those years are full of great memories and the formation of relationships that will last into eternity.

We love you all, and are thankful for your continued ministry of shining the light of Jesus.  Wish we could be with you, but this video will have to do.

Greetings from
Pastor Keith & Robin Huffman

By the way, there is a bit more added after we say goodbye.  You’ll see why we just couldn’t help but add it!  Thanks!

Blessings in Christ,

Keith Huffman, Pastor
Farmland Friends Church

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