therapists, MBA’s & an afterword including the Gospel of Matthew

therapists, MBA’s & an afterword including the Gospel of Matthew July 4, 2022

A brief article, repetitive video doing quite well in the analytics although not quite viral; and an afterword with some praxis or integration with the Gospel according to Matthew; and a little blurb about why Matthew?

I’m not always exactly a bottom line reader. However no one is on the Disqus thread yet for this article:

The original news source is pretty good, you have to admit, not sure:

Couple key takeaways from the bottom line/s and from the time I took to only, just scan it:

1st) The economy is gearing up for a rebound, and it seems to already be in progress. I’m not really checking to see if this gets out of hand with a bull economy. I’m not into stocks too much. However, there is the possibility among us of an upward trend which could continue through the summer and well into or beyond autumn if necessary. I don’t rightly know.

2nd) Lastly, however first impressions in my opinion: the smaller the LLC; corporation of sorts; perhaps franchise; the greater the retention. Take it or leave it. It’s not really a bad thing to point out if you do a little reading. HR seems to be dealing with some headaches of their own – it is especially seen in some larger corporate settings – making it difficult to connect and maintain associate relations.

i. seldom are therapists crosstrained with a MBA as well

Fast Co. was always on hand with the business incubator I was part of, and I still believe in incubators. It’s better than hoping against hope there will someday be a lot of potential there.

A lot of decisions can be made near the end of July. In church work, and in shop talk with chaplains, parishioners and decision-making bodies often know how each one will vote before the start. However, if your mind is not made up yet, did you check his references?

“Oh yeah, I’m running for Congress. Vote for me on August 2nd in the Missouri 7th District Republican primary race.”

ii. as far as I know, I’ve heard of people who are asked

Why don’t you consider a career in diplomacy?

While you are considering it, please don’t miss the playful irony and teachings of the piece.

I really need to script my talks a little better, don’t you think?

iii. afterword | in defense of marketplace leaders, statesmen & Christian influencers

Available again on demand, actually decent analytics.

Parallel Rant Alert

At times I congenially talk to my deacons or men’s groups, which are more like herding cats at times, unfortunately.

Their critiques of sermons are seemingly alluded to ad nauseum.

This is not a champion story, but I believe we have to defend the work at times. I once shut up an entire fellowship consisting of at least 15-18 alpha males who were rambling about the pastor’s last message.

Were they talking about me? I guess it’s a possibility.

Not trying to always overtake the high ground, however eventually I asked something like: “Do you remember what I preached on last week? Can you name any point from my message in the previous week? Can you just tune into to what God has already delivered to the house like a faithful Dash, Dominoes, Uber Food, or Jimmy John’s delivery agent? Perhaps you need deliverance from your neverending story indicting the preacher with critiques. Rewrite your own narrative or reprogram your own bits and bytes in your frontal lobes area of your cranial computer, which are definitely not filtering your mouth. Just a thought, own it.”

Well I may not have said everything in the above paragraph. I’m exaggerating on purpose simply to drive home a point; ministerial prerogative.

However, I did say some things, and I can be quick at times, but I try not to take a tone.

Unfortunately, if people believe in generational studies, I’m somewhere between the X’rs and Mosaics, so irony is part and parcel at times in my communications, etc.

I did state I could continue to preach the same message over and over again until the congregation tunes in to the Word for our particular place and time. Perhaps the message was the spirit of the prophetic after all, whether appreciated or not.

There are a couple points where Matthew could weigh in here. There are times I commit to continuing the Sunday morning preaching series until I see the genuine fruits of repentance (Matthew iii.8) not necessarily the wine of the fruit (Matthew xxvi.29).

I did not say no, standing in opposition to other ecclesial communities.

I merely want to recognize our Lord’s commitment to wait until the day, and His commitment to grow within us the produce of genuine repentance.

Why Matthew?

It’s a longer story than I can share here. The rumor mill is he writes so closely to the Hebrew-Aramaic literature, even if in ancient Greek, his words are widely accepted in Palestine. He is among those who are also in the running as a shadow writer for Hebrews, but all of these thoughts are merely academic banter. I hope you all don’t dismiss these thoughts though as fake news.

The main point of this rant is still in accord with the video. There is an opportunity to either reject out of hand the Word someone shares, or to accept it and ruminate on it a little (i.e. preacher, teacher, parent, star-spangled leader, etc.).

Embed from Getty Images

The moment a person starts talking about his/her pastor (or even leaders) without following Scripture’s mandate to intercede, is the moment I’ve learned to start turning a deaf ear. If you’re a leader, they might start talking about you soon as well.

iv. collaboration beyond students & parents

These are suggestions like a spoonful of sugar to assist with boring study tools, or perhaps a 21st century version of the same.

In this quick article, I include one of my brother’s favorite online Bible tools, nevermind how he has the gift of languages, is a student of languages, and has nearly mirror grad degrees: BibleHub

OK I’ve never seen 8 Seconds, however I’ve heard it’s all-American. There is more than one way to learn, other forms of business, and skillsets in America still crossing over in the 21st Century. Start with IMDb and scroll down to Parents guide

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in something silly like the all-American School of Rock: IMDb

v. I can consult around here

See the above Meet Jared tag if need be.

I can offer relational and individual counseling for those in the state of Michigan online.

I can consult around here though.

Pick 2-3 appointment times & send the information to me in the Contact Form.

Again, there are Zoom meeting options for those who are clients/guests.

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