Cursing God

Cursing God February 24, 2017


A few days ago, I heard an interesting exchange at the gas station. After a man dropped all of his change at the pump, he loudly exclaimed, “God Dammit!” Immediately, someone at the next pump responded, “My God’s last name is not dammit!” The coin dropper replied, “Are you kidding?” The gas pumper got louder, “God curses those who curse him!” The exchange got me thinking. Does God curse those who curse him? My mind immediately went to the eternal nature of the love of God. Does such a love run out? I don’t think so. Furthermore, I can’t imagine such love leading God to curse anyone. The love of God is infinite. How could it not be? God is love. Love can’t curse. In the midst of such love, I’m also doubtful that God cares very much about what kind of language we use to interact with him. So curse God all you want, God’s love never runs out.



"I have no scruples? So you know me?"

Rodney Reed is Not Innocent
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Rodney Reed is Not Innocent
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Rodney Reed is Not Innocent

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