Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Darren Wilson

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Darren Wilson November 27, 2014



Many of us will eat Thanksgiving Dinner today with Darren Wilson. Often, Wilson is someone we love tremendously. Wilson will assure us that there is not a race problem in our country. Speaking of Ferguson and other violence, they will say that those were a bunch of thugs and vigilantes. Citing their plethora of black friends, Wilson will talk about the need for people to just get along like they do with their friends. Wilson will use language that will embarrass us and make us angry. Confidently, Wilson will give example after example of how there is no power difference between whites and blacks. Ultimately, Wilson will think that you agree with him because you won’t say anything. Those who sit quietly with Darren Wilson at the table this Thanksgiving Dinner should imagine that the meal they are eating on is the next Michael Brown.



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