Jesus is Dead: COVID-19 and the Death of Salvation

Jesus is Dead: COVID-19 and the Death of Salvation April 25, 2020

Jay-Natalie La Santa


I haven’t blogged recently.  I haven’t felt much reason too.  The times have weighed on my soul.  The stories of COVID-19 have revealed many questions and supplied few answers.


Strangers in a strange land they traveled.  Despite the difficult circumstances, they pressed forward.  They knew that the baby was coming faster than they anticipated.  Finally, they reached their destination.  There was no room for them upon their arrival.  They were forced to sleep out in the cold. Though the smell of shit lingered in the air, they didn’t care.  Their focus remained on the arrival.  After a few scares, the baby finally came.  The beauty of the moment was unbelievable.  Signs kept arriving to declare the child the Son of God.  They both repeatedly pondered all of these things in their heart.  Despite the improbability of it all, they had faith…until they didn’t.  Five months later, the child began to cough…and didn’t stop.  Days turned into weeks, COVID-19 was finally unmasked. Brutally, the child died.  The Son of God was no more.  Salvation was gone.



John the Baptist waited.


Lazarus rotted.


Demons possessed.


The blind stayed blind.


The least of these remained alone.


Matthew kept collecting taxes.


Mary Magdalene kept being abused.


The thief on the cross was executed without hope.


Nicodemus was institutionalized.


Soldiers kept fighting.


Thirst grew.


Pain festered.


Hope had expired.


Love was dead.


War raged.



COVID-19 changed everything.  The Son of God is dead…and now we are fucked.  There is none greater than the one we lost.


The Daughter of God died in New York City yesterday.  Her name was Jay-Natalie La Santa.  She only lived five months.  The Daughter is dead…and now we are fucked.  COVID-19 has murdered our salvation.  Think about all we will miss by missing her.


God is either cruel or nothing in this moment.


I’m praying that there is another answer.

Then again, I don’t even know the question.



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