Multiplication Not Division: The Polyamorous Gospel

Multiplication Not Division: The Polyamorous Gospel September 27, 2018
Annie Thomas, Cris Thomas, Greg Aldrich & Their Three Children = Family


“Be fruitful and multiply!”


Presently, I’m on my way to perform a polyamorous wedding.  This is my first time.  Though I’m not quite sure what to expect, I know that God will be there.  God is always there when some multiplying is going on.


We used to have an old preacher that would climb up into the pulpit and scream about the downfall of marriage in our society.  I’m not sure if he didn’t have any other sermons or if he was just really passionate about everyone else’s marriages.  I had a feeling it was a little bit of both.  Regardless, one morning the preacher raced to the pulpit and began to talk about how he’d fallen in love with another woman. It was a really strange to hear. I guess practicing and preaching really ain’t the same thing.  His final line still resonates with me, “I want to be with them both.” I remember wondering, “Why not?”  Tears flowed as he stepped down…from him of course.  The rest of us couldn’t believe what we’d just heard.  We’d been told that marriages were always worth saving. So, wouldn’t multiplication be better than division?


Love ain’t enough for most people.  They want to argue and immerse themselves in all types of division.  There is one major problem for the scriptural contrarion…the scripture is full of polyamorous relationships…history is too. It’s almost as if God is screaming out over and over and over throughout time and space, “Be fruitful and multiply!  Be fruitful and multiply!  Be fruitful and multiply!”  Real love is like that.


Have you ever thought about bringing someone else into your marriage?  If you do, know that God loves you and blesses your decision. Go for it.  Love is under attack.  It is time that we love courageously.  The God that multiplies will be with us all.



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