On Metaphysics.

On Metaphysics. August 27, 2019



God has created us in the image of God.



What happens after certainty?  Reality dissipates and something more still seems to be out there.  Metaphysics deals with what’s next.  The subject begins with the idea that we are unbelievably more capable than we can ever know.  We are life beyond life.  Metaphysics is about daring to go beyond what we can prove.  Always believing that there is something more. Knowing that we can change our own reality by reaching further and faster.



Philosophers have long claimed a monopoly on metaphysical thought.  Seeking to answer fundamental questions, the philosopher often missed the fundamental nature of simply being.  For philosophy, it seems that something got stuck in answers that failed to understand mysterious nature of sitting with the question.  Into such a void, evolved modern metaphysical thought.  Ruminating in the questions, the modern metaphysical thinker journeys through introspection to a place of answers beyond answers…the self beyond the self.  There is tremendous life to be found here. The mind becomes a vehicle…a means of transport for the soul.  In embracing what could be, one is able to go beyond what is.



The metaphysician believes in the divine within. The supernatural becomes possible through a right belief and practice of the natural.  Modernity has not changed the possibilities.  Perhaps, it has increased our skepticism.  But, skepticism has never hindered the work of God.  Divinity within creates an explosion of possibilities without.  In the midst of it all, the age-old questions remain.  Who am I?  What am I?  Where have I been?  Where am I going?  There is beauty in pondering the countless answers to these questions.  The brilliance of the possibilities illuminate our future.  In such illumination, we find who we are.  Metaphysics is about that space…and the divinity that lies within.



God has created us in the image of God.




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