The Body: Words from the Movement

The Body: Words from the Movement August 26, 2019


*Delivered at Justice for All! : In Memory of Carlos High Sr. in Grand Prairie, Texas on August 24, 2019


This morning a body was found floating in the Trinity River.  Let me repeat myself…  This morning a body was found floating in the Trinity River. Did anybody care about that body? Did anybody take the time to search for that body?


The body matters.


We cannot change who we are.  We cannot change our communities.  We cannot change our world.  We cannot change anything without the body.


I am a follower of Jesus.  I feel like we get a lot of talk about heaven and what not…but I’m trying to bring a little heaven down here.  In the midst of tremendous injustice, Jesus placed his body into the conversation.


What are we to do at this difficult hour?  What do we do when the system constantly holds us down?  What do we do?


We give our bodies.

Our bodies can break the cogs of the machine.


We can shut it down.


Talk is cheap.


Our times demand our bodies.


What are we going to do with the body?


We are called to love our neighbors as we love our self.  The conversation begins with loving your self.  You can’t give your body until you realize that you have a body.  Our system breaks us down first…and that is how they keep us from loving our neighbors.  Love somebody by loving your body and you can help make everybody somebody.


The revolution starts today!


You’ve got to…


Pick the body up!


Pick the body up!


Pick the body up!


Pick the damn body up!


Injustice cannot last forever.


No more!


No more!


No more!


The body can destroy it all.




Our only hope is the body.





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