Perpetrator Shooting. Deputies Dying. Activists Cheering. : Where is God?

Perpetrator Shooting. Deputies Dying. Activists Cheering. : Where is God? September 15, 2020



Perpetrator Shooting. Deputies Dying. Activists Cheering. : Where is God?


* This post was written over the period of a couple of days / from the time that I found out about the shooting until now.


Just a few hours ago, two deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were ambushed and shot multiple times in Compton. The deputies were sitting in their patrol car taking a break. Not long after the attack, two families were informed that a stranger had just brutalized someone they love. Presently, the two deputies are fighting for their lives.


Somewhere, there is a person pondering their deeds. For a long time, the person had been waiting for the right time to complete this perceived task of revolution. Now, the deed is done…and everything is exactly the same. In time, a family will be informed that someone they love is either dead or charged with murder.


In the economy of God, there are three victims in this situation. Evil brutalized all three. Unfortunately, very few people will be able to engage this story in this way. They will need to place blame and work to cancel the perpetrator. But…God has told us to pray for healing…to pray for our enemies…to pray. In the midst of such awful situations we are nothing without prayer. However, prayers that lack love for all parties involved are nothing. God loves. Such is the essence of faith. We are nothing without a wide/deep love for all people.


As the perpetrator was walking up to the patrol car, God was there. With all divine strength, God pushed on their shoulders to keep them from such evil. Loudly, God begged them to stop. They didn’t. The pain was so real. The clouds darkened. The heavens wailed in mourning. Then, the perpetrator pulled the trigger.


In the car, two victims gushed blood as the perpetrator ran. Struggling to hold on, the victims were rushed to the hospital. Both have endured numerous surgeries and are not out of the woods yet.


Today, activists gathered outside the hospital and cheered the events. “Death to the Police!” “Smells like Bacon!” “More!” “Fuck the Police!”


Believe it or not, God was with these ignorant pieces of shit as well. In their midst, God was desperately trying to pull them to a place of love. They didn’t listen. God keeps trying.


Prayers for the shooter.


God has not left them.


Prayers for the deputies.


God has not left them.


Prayers for the activists.


God has not left them.


Prayers for us.


God has not left us.



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