The God in the Table

The God in the Table January 10, 2016



*Preached at The Church at the Table in Denton, Texas on 1/10/16



There’s a light in the attic.

Thought the house is dark and shuttered,

I can see a flickerin’ flutter,

And I know what it’s about.

There’s a light on in the attic.

I can see it from the outside,

And I know you’re on the inside…lookin’ out.

-Shel Silverstein


When I started thinking about meeting all of you in the intimacy of this space, I wanted to bring a word that would help you live into a spirituality that is beyond church. I have come to believe that only when we dare to go beyond church do we actually become the church. For the church as it is expressed in our modern culture is a cheap imitation of what is to come. I was praying we might touch some of what is to come tonight.


Emily has helped me to ponder our relationship to things. There is a light in the attic. Does whatever creates that light matter? I believe so. I believe the light in things matters more than we could ever imagine. The light draws us to ponder things. The light connects to things. The light is in this table we sit around tonight.


Jesus gathers the disciples around the table for the last meal. If we rush to the serving of the body and blood, we will miss something very important…the table that has pulled them together. There is a light within the table that gives light. There is a light within the table that calls light out. May it be so tonight.


Things matter.


The God in the table draws us. We gather around this table to experience God. There is something immaterial going on in this table. Whatever draws us to love has God in it.


The God in the table creates intimacy. We want to share with each other tonight for no other reason than intimacy is created when we sit around this table.


The God in the table pushes us out. We find love around the table in then we leave the table to take love to others. The love that the table shares changes us so that we might change the world.


Let us give thanks for the love in this table. Let us give thanks for the God in this table.


May the things we have found make us a light to all we meet.



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