The Intern Monologues: Injustice

The Intern Monologues: Injustice July 23, 2015



J: What is injustice?


C: Injustice is oppression. Oppression is violence created to keep us in isolation from each other. Injustice hinders us from living into the beloved community where all have the opportunity to be in their fullness. What do you think?


J: Injustice is the incorrect ordering of God’s creation. Where does injustice come from?


C: Injustice stems from the belief in scarcity. Scarcity is the belief that the beloved community will never fully welcome us in. In scarcity, fear is born. We fear that our story won’t matter; we fear that we will be made extinct. We cling to life tightly; any other narrative threatens our wellness and personhood. Injustice is created in the fight to hold tightly to our narratives in a world of abundant diversity. Where does injustice come from?


J: Our failure to love. How does injustice manifest?


C: When we hold an ideology of liberation for us and not for them, this is injustice. When narratives of oppression are filtered only through our lens…that is injustice. We see its destruction all around us. From the occupation in Palestine to police brutality to a booming prison industrial complex to a failing educational system, it is everywhere. We must understand that injustice crosses our constructed boxes. Injustice is a human condition. What is justice?


J: Loving your neighbor as you love yourself. What do you think?


C: Creating enough room for love to flourish in its varied richness. What do we do with injustice?


J: We fight it. We place our bodies between the marginalizer and marginalized, the oppressor and the oppressed. We have to give our bodies to the struggle. Jesus showed us what love looks like in action.



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