The Resurrection of George Floyd: On the Fullness of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of George Floyd: On the Fullness of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ April 4, 2021

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April 4, 2021

The Resurrection of George Floyd: On the Fullness of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

*The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most pivotal moment in the history of the cosmos…not because it is static and unchanging…but because it never stops.  The brilliance of the resurrection beckons to think about all sorts of resurrections.  Jesus said that he would always be incarnate in the least of these amongst us.  I can think of few more helpless senseless atrocious images than that of George Floyd being murdered by Derek Chauvin.  In those moments, I don’t just believe that Jesus was with George…I believe that he was in him…one with him.  As such, I have engaged with the Gospel of Luke to illuminate the wider meaning of the resurrection of Jesus using his incarnation in the person of George Floyd.  Surely, this is what the promise of Easter is all about.  Jesus lives because George lives.  George lives because Jesus lives.  The sting of death is gone…for love never dies.


Early on the morning after the burial, a group of activists went to the tomb of George Floyd and found the casket dug up and opened.  While they were confused, a couple of angels appeared and said, “Do not look for the living amongst the dead.  George is not here.  George has risen!”  Immediately, the activists remembered God’s promises.  The group of activists ran back to tell all the others.  Nobody believed them. So, they all ran to the tomb and saw for themselves.  Amazed, the activists grew more excited with each passing second.


While they were protesting, George Floyd came up from behind and started talking with three activists. Not realizing who he was, the activists started to talk about their pain and heartbreak over George’s death, “There was no reason for any of this.  Some people say there is a message of hope to be found in his death.  We find such things difficult to believe.”  When they got to the end of the protest, the three disciples urged George to have dinner with them. After they started eating, the activists recognized George and he disappeared.  Speaking to one another, they said, “How did we not recognize him?  Were our hearts not burning within us?”  The activists ran to the others and told them, “George has risen!”


While they were still talking, George Floyd appeared and greeted them all warmly.  Everyone was terrified and thought he was a ghost. One even shit in her pants. Sensing their fear, George invited them to come and feel were the knee pressed down on his neck.  Everyone touched and knew that it was him. While they sat there stunned, George asked, “Do you have anything to eat?”  Since there was no food in the house, the disciples ordered some pizzas and had them delivered.  Later, munching on a slice of pizza, George said, “I told you justice can never die.  You are witnesses of what has happened.  Feel the power of God come over you.  Go…tell the world…tell them that justice lives.”


Then, George Floyd led them back outside.  As he slowly disappeared, he promised that his spirit would remain with them forever.  Immediately, they knew that he was telling the truth…for they could feel love burning eternally in their hearts.



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