THEOSEMANTICS: 18 Volumes of Theological Elasticity

THEOSEMANTICS: 18 Volumes of Theological Elasticity January 23, 2023






With regards to spirituality, words should have a certain amount of elasticity to them…meaning they should spring us to something else…something beyond words.  I haven’t always thought this way.  In fact, I used to think that words were set.  I used to believe that God was bound by our words.  I believed in the inerrant infallible word of God.  Then, I started thinking about what the word was.  Which word or which set of words?  Then, things started to fall apart.  I began to realize that words are living breathing things.  They give us breathe so that we might have life beyond them.  To think any other way is lunacy.  What type of God would be bound by the words of man?  Such a God would have to be very small.  Surely, such a God would not be the God that exists beyond our wildest imaginations.  Words should never be a spiritual cage.  So maybe it’s important to see words as a tool to set us free.  With such in mind, I decided a few months ago to go on a wild journey with words.  I wanted to figure out what God would look like if I used different words that I think describe God in wild interaction with each other.  The result is type of theology called, THEOSEMANTICS or the engagement of WORDS concerned with the meaning of GOD…or since we are made in GOD’S IMAGE, the meaning of self.  From such a juxtaposition, I created eighteen volumes of theology that explore the attributes of GOD (THE MEANING OF SELF) by placing and replacing WORDS.  Such a theology is an elastic journey to truth that lives beyond truth…the God beyond God.  Therefore, it will occasionally seem repetitive and might not always make sense. Don’t worry, the greatest profundity has always existed most fully in such spaces…description beyond description.  Indeed, God lives in the space beyond the elastic.  Spirituality is about jumping higher and higher until there is no need to jump any more.  Words only matter if they ultimately lead to their own futility.

The 18 Volumes:


1. GOD
1.0. The Courage to Be GOD
1.1. The Courage to Be TANGIBLE
1.2. The Courage to Be NOW
1.3. The Courage to Be LOVE
1.4. The Courage to Be REAL
1.5. The Courage to Be ART

2.0. The Courage to Be CHRIST
2.1. The Courage to Be HUMAN
2.2. The Courage to Be JUSTICE
2.3. The Courage to Be HERE
2.4. The Courage to Be DEFIANT
2.5. The Courage to Be BEAUTY

3.0. The Courage to Be SPIRIT
3.1. The Courage to Be MAGIC
3.2. The Courage to Be ELECTRIC
3.3. The Courage to Be FIRE
3.4. The Courage to Be UNCANNY
3.5. The Courage to Be FREEDOM





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