Come to Mass Ugly, Please – Fan Mail Edition

Come to Mass Ugly, Please – Fan Mail Edition May 22, 2014

I got a note from Bryan Murdaugh this morning about my freshly-pressed column up at New Evangelizers, I am totally publishing it.  You would, too, you know you would.

Your article made its way into my inbox this morning, and once again, bravo! You have such an amazing way of bringing practical truths into the lens of things important for the faithful. It reminds me of who-knows-how-many-million young people (and their accompanying adults) I have reminded that Sunday Mass is important enough that even a vacation doesn’t warrant skipping it.

See?  I should add right now that not only does Bryan have impeccable in taste in Catholic evangelization-blogging, if you need your massive, my-business-depends-on-this website overhauled, and some videos made, too, he’s your guy.


But what did you write about, Jennifer?  I can’t click through until I KNOW!!

Well, I start off with cats.  You might want to skip the first paragraph if you’re squeamish:

For the last twenty years I’ve kept a working cat around the house . . .

Just kidding.  I do talk about the un-dead things cats drag in, but there are no graphic descriptions.  Just helping you relate.  To the harrowing lives of small, tormented lizards.

Why lizards?  When you usually don’t have very much in common with tortured reptiles, or rodents?  Because this:

Sometimes I show up at Sunday Mass looking like that half-dead thing. If you’re doing it right, sooner or later you will, too.

But Jennifer, Jennifer! We’re supposed to look fabulous for Mass!

I mention that.  I even share glimpses of the extraordinary planning it takes to pull that off if you have small children or other lifestyle challenges.  But you should come to Mass even on sub-fabulous Sundays:

But here’s the secret about the Sunday Obligation: God doesn’t want you skipping Mass just because you aren’t picture-perfect.

And then I explain why.  And that’s the important bit you’ll want to go over to NE and read right now.

This innocent lizard was never tortured by my cat. That’s why it looks so smug.

Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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