Why Yes, You *Should* Attend the Catholic Writers Conference this Summer

Why Yes, You *Should* Attend the Catholic Writers Conference this Summer May 27, 2014

Over at the Catholic Writers Guild, I share my private correspondence for the good of many.  Because yes, if you’re a Catholic writer — or aspiring Catholic writer — you really ought to register and attend the Catholic Writers Conference if you can.

The Catholic Writers Conference is just two months away now, and you might be wondering, “Should I go to Chicago?  Is it worth it?” You aren’t the only one. From my inbox:

So the CWG Live conference. My dear friend and fellow Guild member and I want to go. But, we’re going to need some motivation/conviction/roughing up.

Can you help offer a few inspiring words why we absolutely must attend this year or be destined writing failures?

This was my answer:

Oh goodness, if you can swing the travel, GO!

Why? I came up with four reasons off the top of my head.  And that’s just benefits for your average Catholic writer who doesn’t even have a manuscript to pitch this year.

You can find out those four reasons by reading the whole thing here.  Trust me: Big reasons.



Why am I so enthusiastic about the Catholic Writers Guild?

Because I never would have been published if it weren’t for the many years of help I’ve received from the CWG.

You probably have a list of ten things that are wrong with my writing. I assure you, without the CWG, your list would be much, much longer.  Only you wouldn’t have that list, because I wouldn’t be blogging here at Patheos, nor be published at any of the many other venues that not only accept my work, but sometimes even solicit it actively.

If you’re a writing and marketing super-genius, you don’t need help.  Enjoy yourself and bravo for using your gifts.

If you’re a normal person who just likes to write stuff, the Catholic Writers Guild exists to help you become the best writer you can be.


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