Did You ‘n Jesus Take a Walk Together this Weekend?

Did You ‘n Jesus Take a Walk Together this Weekend? June 23, 2014

I’ve been attending the St. Suburbans of the world for a lot of years, and one of the characteristics of sprawl-bound parishes is a lack of neighborhood in which to process.  Our pastors have gamely processed around the parking lot, or around the aisles of the nave in the event of rain.  This year I succumbed to temptation, having listened to the spouse practice Panis Angelicus all week, and forsook my own parish in order to do some more spiritual tourism at St. C’s.

There’s just nothing quite like a Eucharistic procession through the streets of a city.  We did stop a little bit of traffic, but there’s not much to stop on a Sunday morning when the Main Street worker bees are all safely home in their beds, and even the homeless guys think it’s too hot for loitering.  Still.  Our fair city blessed by our Lord, and bunches of people willing to set aside respectability and follow Him.

What heartened me this morning as I goofed off on Facebook far too long: So many reports of Corpus Christi processions all over the US!

Is it my imagination, or this is a growing trend?

I vote: Not my imagination.  Thanks be to God.

File:Blessed Sacrament procession, First Annual Southeastern Eucharistic Congress, Charlotte, North Carolina - 20050924-01.jpg

Photo courtesy of By Fennec. (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, but it could be filed under the Crescat’s Diocese of Charlotte Like a Boss category.


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