Quick Links – Corrections on Guns & Tuam

Quick Links – Corrections on Guns & Tuam June 20, 2014

Two links, unrelated, that deserve your attention:

1. The Associated Press issued a correction on its shoddy reporting on the scandal at Tuam.  I will forebear from making comments about reputable journalists vs. upstart bloggers, and say only that America magazine deserves what credit it’s earned.

2. Rebecca Frech tells her gun story.  Since Rebecca goes head to head with he-who-must-not-be-named, I should say right now that I’m on the record as a certified Mark P. Shea fangirl.  I don’t just love the man’s work, I can point to the books that literally tipped the scales on my own and my husband’s salvation.  The words “eternal gratitude” are precisely the ones.  Those who have followed my blogging over many years can attest that Mark’s work has been key in persuading me on some important and hotly debated aspects of the Catholic faith.

But on this particular topic, I think Rebecca’s got the edge in the debate.  Which, review, is a matter of prudential judgment and not faith and morals.

I’m likely going to slip off for the weekend, unless I don’t, so have a good one!

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