Fortnight for Freedom Begins Tomorrow – What Have You Been Writing?

Fortnight for Freedom Begins Tomorrow – What Have You Been Writing? June 20, 2014

Over at the Catholic Writers Guild, there’s an open thread for posting your existing body of work on the topic of religious liberty:


The Fortnight for Freedom begins tomorrow!  We’ll be hosting several columns on that theme over the next several weeks.  If you’ve written on religious liberty, please post a link here so everyone can enjoy your work!


Feel free to head over to CWG and share your links.  Doesn’t need to be Catholic, by the way, this is a human rights issue, not a strictly theological issue.

(Okay: If your essay is about how Catholics don’t deserve religious freedom, that would not be a popular piece to share.  And no, I don’t agree with the commenter who proposed this religious liberty thing is anti-Catholic.  Maybe that’s a topic I should respond to this fortnight.)

I’ll try to write some fresh human-y rights stuff over the next couple weeks to get you feeling all patriotic come the 4th.  Meanwhile, for newcomers to this blog, a quick scroll through my “human rights” category of posts picked up a handful of selections that have touched on religious liberty themes:

It’s Not Friendship if It Can’t Withstand Disagreement

Atheists for Religious Freedom

On Dissidents, Freedom and the Eich Case: The Essay You Need to Read

The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality: Reform Begins in the Church

Freedom of Speech? Oh Hush.



Oh and a hint: I tweet 90% of my favorite internet reading at JenFitz_Reads.  Lots of human rights stuff ends up there.  I’m not real chatty on Twitter, but if you tweet me a good link and tell me what the topic is / why I should be interested, there’s a decent chance I’ll eventually have time to take a look at it.  So if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy, now you know where to find it.

(Weirdly, even though I love love love 99.9% of Dr. Boli’s corpus, I tweet him only rarely.  I figure if you were smart, you’d subscribe directly.)

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