How Do I Get the Kids to Behave in Class? There’s a book for that.

How Do I Get the Kids to Behave in Class? There’s a book for that. July 22, 2014

My book is up on the block today at Simcha Fisher’s NFP Week Giveaway extravaganza.  Go enter now, and you can also try for the sauerkraut-making kit and 13 other great prizes.

Tomorrow, the good sports will be asking, “Since I didn’t win that one copy, should I just spend the $7 on my very own?”

Yes, I think you probably should.

Classroom Management for Catechists is for you if:

  • You teach religious education.
  • You do some other activity that involves a roomful of monkeys sweet, delightful children determined to test your holiness at every turn.
  • You are trying to find victim souls volunteers to teach in your program, but all the likely candidates are terrified at the prospect.  (This is a healthy fear.)

It’s short, readable, and covers all the usual problem scenarios.  My assumption is that you actually want to teach the kids the Catholic faith (or whatever subject you’re teaching), not just play Bingo all morning. My other assumption is that you need to understand how classroom discipline works, rather than memorizing a list of handy tips.  Your students are spending their summer thinking up new and amazing ways to test your problem-solving skills. So that’s what I teach: Problem-solving skills.

You can see the table of contents here, and I think it’s mostly self-explanatory.  The one chapter you might wonder about is “Classroom Leadership”.  That one’s about how to teach effectively when you have more than one adult in the room (as you probably will).  Yes, you can indeed share responsibilities and address discipline problems, all while finishing out the school year still friends with your co-leaders.

If you have any questions about what other topics I cover, just ask.

So you want an autographed copy, then?

Limited time offer, while supplies last:  Since I’m going to spend vast amounts of time later this week at the Midlands Homeschool Convention, and so will the kind folks at the St. Francis Catholic Book and Gift Shop, if you contact the shop and make arrangements to buy a book this week, I can sign a copy before they ship it to you.  Personalized, even.  (Caveat: My handwriting is horrible.  Order your book now to find out just how bad it is.)


PS: If your name is on the acknowledgements page . . .

You should already own a signed copy from me.  If I meant to send you a copy and I didn’t or it got lost in the mail, let me know this week, and I can get a reliable person to put one in the mail to you.  Thanks!


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