Finding Modest Clothes for Hard-to-Fit Teens and Tweens + my Compendium of Modesty Chat

Finding Modest Clothes for Hard-to-Fit Teens and Tweens + my Compendium of Modesty Chat December 3, 2014

Macke: Women shopping, modern art, from Wikimedia

At this week, we continue the conversation about modesty by getting into the ugly part: How exactly do you find modest clothes for kids who were never that easy to shop for anyway?  My big three tips, summarized:

  • Consider size a starting point, not a constraint.
  • Shop everywhere anyone sells clothes, and then some.
  • Don’t be afraid to wield a safety pin in due season.

I flesh it out and give you a little pep talk, including a bit about how to avoid mortifying your daughter so bad she moves to Antarctica to live down the humiliation. Read the whole thing here.

Can’t Get Enough of All This Modesty Talk?

If you love this topic and are coming to the game late, here’s a look back on my relate writing here, at, and at New Evangelizers:

Action, Intention, and the Incarnation – The background on why modesty is not just an inner disposition, though it certainly is that, as well.

Modesty as the Language of Virtue – Modesty as a way of communicating our intentions to others.  Sort of a low-level function of modesty, but it is one.

Modesty as the Language of Mutual Respect – Modesty as a way of expressing respect for others in this fallen world.  Includes a passing discussion of clothing choices, but focuses primarily on all the other aspects of modesty — with respect to wealth, accomplishments, etc. — and digs into how all this ties into who we are as humans and why we must avoid labeling ourselves.

Women Demystified: To Love Her is to Tell Her How Beautiful She Is – Back to clothes.  Why do they matter to ladies? Because women have this thing about beauty, that’s why.  Marriage-saving tips included.

Breastfeeding at Mass: Yes, Please – Adult topics.  I get quite explicit, and explore any number of scandalous and sinful behaviors, in order to demonstrate that breastfeeding at Mass just isn’t that.  It’s good.  Feed your hungry baby.

Investing in Modesty, Investing in Your Daughter – Practical ways parents can help their daughters develop a sense of style and self-respect, all while actually enjoying shopping together.

On Modesty and Evangelization: 5 Lies We Tell Our Daughters – Why we don’t need to soft-pedal modesty to girls.  Short version: They are meant to be disciples, too.  Quit treating them like the damaged seconds of the holiness department.


For those in the southern hemisphere, or who do their summer shopping from the super-clearance racks, some notes on how fabric choice makes a radical difference in your clothing experience:

Modesty without Heatstroke (This is the snarkier one.  You were warned.  I get this way sometimes.)

Refresher: You Do Not Have to Choose Between Modesty and Comfort  (This is the more polite one.)



Image by August Macke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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