What Not to Read When You’ve Got a Cough

What Not to Read When You’ve Got a Cough May 29, 2015

Tip for you: Don’t read a book about the history of tuberculosis while you’re laying around listlessly with a persistent cough.

On the other hand, it’s a great book.  When you want to learn a little bit about a new topic, children’s non-fiction is a good place to start.  I actually picked this one out for my daughter, who’s interested in gory topics, but then it was sitting around, so I read it.



Now I’m double glad I didn’t drag myself to that packed church for a funeral Mass today.  Housewife decimates parish by spreading cough of death to unwitting mourners.  All those droplets.  Containing who knows what beautiful blue-stainable evil, determined to linger and kill us all.  Read the book, it’s great.  I tell you, it’s great.


(Juvenile Non-Fic is also good if you’re laying about listlessly, and your brain refuses to concentrate on anything more taxing.  But given that there is no evidence I am wasting away, I think a TB diagnosis is premature.  Just a cold, I promise.)

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