Something Beautiful: A Short Guide to Praying as a Family

Something Beautiful: A Short Guide to Praying as a Family June 22, 2015

In my mailbox this month: A Short Guide to Praying as a Family, recently released by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia.  I haven’t had a chance to read the entire thing yet, but what I’ve seen thus far is spectacular.  Beautiful and useful both.

A Short Guide to Praying as a Family (Hardcover)

You can read a review here.

You can preview the book here.

You can order it directly from the sisters here, or from the Catholic Company here.

Excellent potential as a discussion-starter for a parents’ discipleship group this fall.  Catholic parents want to learn and practice the Catholic faith.  They want support from other families as they try out at home what they may have never experienced growing up.  Parents struggle with passing on the faith because they need information, support, and encouragement.  Books like this are a blessing because they provide an easy way to get the conversation going.


I’ve been remiss in not mentioning another parish resource for parents, The Catholic Navigator:

The Catholic Navigator is the lay apostolate of a small group of Catholic religious educators, each with a specific area of expertise, who are committed to keeping the Faith alive and vibrant for ourselves and others. To do this, we have developed  weekly newsletters to supplement your parish’s ongoing formation efforts. Formatted as a double-sided, single sheet, each weekly  print issue provides information and reflection associated with the seasons, events, and persons memorialized in the liturgical year.

If you are a looking for an affordable, down-to-earth way to help families learn the faith, take a look.

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