In Which We Compare the Cross to an Orange

In Which We Compare the Cross to an Orange July 16, 2015

Or a coconut?  Pineapple, I think.  Yeah, pineapple.

Good thing I pre-prayed today’s Gospel, because I was getting nothing at all when I went back at it this morning.  Conveniently I had already come up with just what I needed to hear.  The introduction, which just happened to match this morning’s state of mind:

Take my yoke upon you . . . and you will find rest.

Lord, I am willing to suffer anything for You. I offer up all my sorrows, all my frustrations; I will take on whatever burden You desire, for Your name’s sake . . . because that’s Your holy vacation plan for me?

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File:John F. Francis - A Still life with Pineapple, Oranges, and Nuts.jpg
Mr. Francis pre-painted this illustration for me. The metaphorical me (and friends) with our metaphorical crosses.  It’s a mixed metaphor.  Good in salad.

Still Life with Pinapple, Oranges, and Nuts By John F. Francis (1808-1886) (Bonhams) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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