I hate it when I do this:

I hate it when I do this: October 16, 2015

A year and some ago, I wrote this, now showing live at CatholicMom.com because it’s the 16th of the month:

How often do my priorities get out of order? How often do I put needless worries ahead of my worship of God?

. . . Lord, show me how to prioritize my day, my week, my month, and my year. Show me the right use of my body, and the proper care of my soul. Help me to give myself to you completely, body and soul. Amen.

Dagnabbit. Caught myself out again.  On the other hand, it does happen to be exactly what I’ve been praying about lately, so, well, there I am.

Writing tip: The way I write these Gospel reflections is I read the Gospel, and I pray something that more or less translates to, Dear Jesus, what do I particularly stink at?  Because I’m probably not the only one. Or at least if I’m the only one, other people can be consoled when they realize just how much worse things could be — here but for the grace of God go they.

So that’s not what I actually pray, but that’s what it amounts to, if we boil it down to the meaning-beneath-the-meaning.  So now you know what I knew about me a year ago, but periodically forget.

You can read the whole thing, including my more characteristically-cranky opening, and the super story a reader shared in the combox in response, over at CatholicMom.com.

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