Read Here Much? There’s a Support Group for That

Read Here Much? There’s a Support Group for That November 17, 2015

There are even ten steps involved, mind the Caravaggio rule.  At my editor’s suggestion I’ve gone and created a Facebook group for readers of this blog:  It’s open to the public, thus allowing you to converse with your fellow readers without having to go so far as to be friends with them.

To make it interesting, I decided to throw out a discussion question each week or so.  Our inaugural topic concerns the slippery slope fallacy, go take a look and share your experiences.

Another purpose of the group is to fulfill the need for a combox in a better-moderated, more discussion-friendly zone, so if you have something to share on the topic of one of my posts, I’ll run a link to each post over at the group.  People with hammers are standing by to keep the trolls out, so it should be a better experience than average.

Likewise, you’re welcome to post prayer requests, a moderate flow of pet photos, and links that reasonable people would think are interesting to fellow readers of this blog.  (Hint: Not Amway.)

I look forward to meeting you there!


Photo by Jon Fitz, all rights reserved.

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