Post-Election Political Discourse Tips for Beginners

Post-Election Political Discourse Tips for Beginners November 11, 2016

Tip #1: If you wish to protest the provision in the US Constitution that’s designed to prevent mob rule, forming a violent mob is not the most convincing way to make your case.

Tip #2: You are of course well aware that the egregious post-election behavior on the part of a few unsavory characters who happened to have supported your candidate is the exception, not the rule.  It follows that the same is true of those bad apples on your opponent’s side as well.

File:Clay vs Polk campaign.jpg

Artwork: “Bursting the Balloon,” 1844, via Wikimedia [Public Domain].  Click through to read the description, which will seem eerily familiar.


Here is my own reaction to this election, and a round-up of thoughts from other non-Trumping Catholics.

There’s also an essay at The Catholic Conspiracy on the question of profaning altars; my other colleagues here at Patheos Catholic covered other aspects of the scandal exhaustively, so I focus on just a single concern of interest to readers who are supporters of Fr. Pavone and Priests for Life.

And finally, I updated yesterday’s post to clarify that while my piece is satire, Calexit is not.  There’s a referendum in the works for 2019.  Allow me to say, as I have also said over on my personal blog: If you don’t care for dark humor, please don’t read here.


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