Reality Check re: Black Santa

Reality Check re: Black Santa December 7, 2016

So, about those Santa Wars going on up at the Mall of America . . .

I’m pleased to see that someone has been getting the memo and kindly ranked my horrible, no-good, very bad Southern state in the top ten worst places to live in the US.  It’s terrible here! Stay away!

Meanwhile, newsflash: What the local shopping malls here in backwardsville term “African-American Santa” has a been fixture on the Santa-visiting schedule for as long as I’ve had kids, and I suspect far longer than that.

This will upset certain readers, but here’s how it’s done in the South:

  • The shopping malls recognize that local residents do have Santa preferences.
  • Preferences vary. Some shoppers don’t care what color their Santa is, but some shoppers really like to know when there will be a Black Santa on board, because that’s how they like their Santa.
  • People think this is fine.  It’s like having a preference over which American Girl doll you get your daughter.  It’s okay to recognize that we have cultural diversity and go with it.
  • So the malls publish a schedule of which Santa will be receiving guests which hours.


It’s simple.  Peaceful.  It’s almost like if you wanted this place to live up to its stereotypes, you’d have to run fake news.  I’m very sorry, meanwhile, to learn that the rest of the nation is only now working out their Santa problems.  May God bless you with a cozy Santa Safe Space this Advent.


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File:111223-F-MS171-046 (6582397117).jpg

Photo: by U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos (111223-F-MS171-046) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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