Economy with an “O” & Other Good Stuff

Economy with an “O” & Other Good Stuff May 18, 2018

I haven’t read it yet, but with great joy I see that there’s something more interesting than Laurel & Yanny on the internet this week:

“‘Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones’. Considerations for an ethical discernment regarding some aspects of the present economic-financial system” of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, 17.05.2018


For those who are wondering how I’ve fallen off the internet again, the answer is that I’ve been doing a ton of teaching. In addition to my standard three classes a week already on the schedule, I’ve been subbing at my daughter’s school a fair bit (which I enjoy), and this past Saturday the SuperHusband and I had one of our best ever workshops for Family Honor.

I’ve plugged FH before, and let me do so again: If you are looking for a solid formation in chastity, family life, and human sexuality, you can’t do much better than to start with Family Honor’s online course for adults.  They’ve made it easier than ever by taking the semester-long college course and dividing into four sub-units, so that you can tackle a quarter of the class at a time if you can’t commit to the whole shebang at once.  But believe me when they say to plan on committing seven hours a week, that’s for serious.   It’s an excellent class.

Someone else to know about: Our workshop this weekend (the “Leading and Loving” course for parents only) was organized in conjunction with a regional gathering of Couples for Christ.  I literally knew nothing about the group until we showed up Saturday morning to teach, but wow, what a fantastic bunch of Christians.  Not surprising, once you learn more about what they are up to.  I can’t vouch for the whole apostolate (though the Vatican has long since given their green light), but what I encountered were happy, enthusiastic, friendly Catholics who love Jesus and love the Catholic faith.  When you’re six hours into a chastity workshop and everyone’s still laughing and asking questions and just getting more excited about what you’re doing . . . that’s a good group.

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